10th International Conference "Gas Discharge Plasmas and Their Applications"

September 11-14, 2007
Tomsk, Russia

General Information

Dear Colleagues!

We are glad to invite you to participate in the 10th International Conference "Gas Discharge Plasmas and Their Applications" . It represents a natural continuation of the conferences on physics of gas discharge held in Russia since 1984 and seminars and conferences on the technological applications of low temperature plasmas traditionally organized in Tomsk.

Hosted by

Tomsk Polytechnic University
Institute of High Current Electronics RAS
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
High Voltage Research Institute

Main Topics

Section 1. Physical processes in generators of low-temperature plasma: Plasma of low and high pressure discharges, pre-electrode phenomena.
Section 2. Plasma sources and equipment: generators based on the high and low pressure discharges, pulsed plasma sources.
Section 3. Application of low-temperature plasma: surface modification, and plasmachemical, electrodischarge and other technologies (devoted to the memory of Prof. M. F. Zhukov).

In addition, in the context of the conference the following events are going to be held:

Conference Dates

The conference is going to be held in the resort house of a picturesque pinery, on September 11-14, 2007.

Key Dates

Conference Regulations

The papers in the form of invited and original oral report as well as posters will be presented at the conference.

The time limit for the invited reports is 25 minutes, for the original oral reports - 15 minutes.

The conference proceedings are planned to be published in the form of a special edition of Russian Physics Journal (Izvestiya vuzov. Fizika).


To participate in the conference please register on line: http://www.gdp2007.tsc.ru

Conference Language

Official languages of the conference are Russian and English. The simultaneous translation from Russian into English will be provided for oral reports.

Chairman of International Conference Committee

G.A. Mesyats, vice-president of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia


Dr. Sergey Yanin
Scientific secretary of the Conference

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